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Our Community Focus

While most of our posts focus on the the clients and business of Northwestern Capital Partners, we relish being a part of our community. Yesterday, we spent the day at the Alexander Youth Network, serving ice-cream to young at risk children. Today, I want to tell you about another great opportunity.

Chad Jukes is a Retired Staff Sergeant Chad Jukes, and has had many battles with post-traumatic stress (PTSD) and is a single-leg amputee on the USX climbing team whom if successful, will be the first combat wounded veteran to summit Mount Everest. On Dec. 17, 2006, while serving as the lead gun truck commander on a supply convoy in northern Iraq, Jukes’ vehicle struck an improvised explosive device (IED). His right leg was amputated below the knee as a result. Since losing his leg, Jukes has never stopped climbing.

STEPT is producing a film to shed light on the reality these amputees are facing through the lens of Chad’s own journey. This film will be a call to action to support The Range of Motion Project so they can continue supporting amputees all over the world through access to mobility.As an enthusiastic climber, we will support Chad in his journey. Anybody interested can find out more on the link below.

Urban Mobility

The attached study and piece by McKinsey is precisely why we support SPLT. The future of cities and the population at large will be based largely on the ability to move (via roads, fiber optic cable, rail, etc) – people, ideas, goods and services, healthcare, etc. Mobility is wide-ranging, though this article focused mostly on urban transport.

The upshot of the use of new technology and mobility solutions is greater physical health for the populace at large by a reduction in accidents, better environmental health via efficient use of scarce resources, and financial well-being by a reduction of time lost in traffic (cost of almost 1% of global GDP).

In low density, high-income areas that don’t have mass transit, the opportunities are also great and as yet not as realized as dense urban cores. For these areas that may not have MRT, ride sharing, SPLT’s core competency, will reduce traffic and environmental degradation, and allow the elderly, the young, and the sick to access transportation in a more efficient manner.These changes stand to benefit the billions of people living in and near cities, and will benefit global and local GDPs and may be an important step toward reducing CO2 as electric vehicles and ride sharing, become standard.

HealthCure Update

Our portfolio company HealthCure has had its second study accepted for publication in the American Journal of Infection Control, attached is HC’s updated one pager that includes this accomplishment. Congrats to the whole HC team!HealthCure One Page Summary

Creativity and the New Renaissance

The world moves incredibly fast today, and creativity is the new working capital and the currency by which companies leverage their core competencies and brand, whether in manufacturing, medicine, technology, or advisory work.

There has been much talk of the creative class in new urbanism, but creativity knows no boundaries, and is not secularly found in large urban cores (though it does tend to cluster there). Creativity can be found in verticals as diverse as supply chains, auto manufacturing, SaaS platforms, or a natural gas production. The intersection of AI and new tactile technologies portends greater advances for everything from medical device to diagnostics to mining.

We live in a new Renaissance. In the original “version,” we saw vast advances in printing, math, astronomy, social sciences, government, music and religion – it was the bridge from the Dark Ages to the Modern World. We stand once again at such a precipice.